Magic Bubble Show on stage

Amount of kids up to 50 guests
Age of kids from 2 year old
Duration 30-60 minutes

We can create a unique experience that will blow your guests away!

Bubble adventure for everyone!

Bubble Show will beautify such events as Wedding, Anniversary, Team-building, Family event, Presentation or Promotion.

The most important in our performance is the mood, joy, fun, beauty, positive emotions. Our goal is happy, surprised and actively applauding guests.

We will surprise you and your guests with fascinating bubble magic: you'll see different shapes and sizes of bubbles, various bubble tricks, including bubbles filled with scenic smoke and fire. And unusual tricks on the luminous LED table will create an atmosphere of mystery.

Warn your photographer to be ready for our Magic Bubble Show! Our performance will leave you full of only bright emotions, and you will want to keep colorful, beautiful photos of this special moment of your life! After the show, the bride and groom will be together inside a huge bubble and have to make a wish, which will surely be fulfilled.

Included in the show:
  • Gigantic bubbles of incredible shapes and sizes
  • Bubble tricks (volcano bubbles, bubble tennis and more)
  • Solo and/or group immersion inside the rainbow bubbles
  • White clouds and rain that come out of the transparent bubbles
  • Awesome music
  • Light effects
  • Waterproof cover

The price for an inside performance on stage depends on the type of event, number of guests, location, and the day of the week.
Please contact us for getting your price.

Travel inside Edmonton area is included and extra fee for transportation, if your location is out of Edmonton.
All prices are subject to 5% GST.

Happy kids and parents

Review of Elena Gavrilovich

Thank you, Valeria!!! It was just a blast!!! We loved every second of the birthday! Kids can't stop talking about it! Honestly Valeria is sooo talented and great with kids! Again thank you so much!

Review of Deanne Ferguson

We booked a bubble show with Magic Art Studio and will be booking with them again. They handled a large group of young children very well and that's a tough crowd to entertain! It was easy to book and the price was reasonable. Can't wait to book them again soon!

Review of Amina Asim

Had an absolutely amazing performance at my son Adams 3rd Birthday. What a great show! Thank you Valaria, you are so entertaining and the kids are still talking about you. Worth every penny. Book her, because her show is unique and very fun!

Review of Olga Morozova-Gelmici

It was just ... wow! We were so lucky to have Magic Art Studio to help us to celebrate our son's birthday! What an amazing party our kids had! It was so well thought trough, no one minute the kids spent without doing something. The bubble show is a MUST-HAVE at any party as not only kids but even adults were entertained! Highly recommend it!

Review of Lena Shubina Potekhina

Dear Valeria, I am writing to say a huge thank you and Magic Art Studio for an incredible Anastasia's birthday party! I can't remember the last time I've had so much fun with kids. I appreciate your professionalism, hard work, and creativity. Thank you for all your enthusiasm and support, and I look forward to many more fascinating birthday parties to come.

Review of Olga Alkina

Thank you Valeria. It was really incredible, fun, bubbly magic for both the kids and the adults. It was really great that you could handle the kids so well and keep them all entertained and happy. I think you have a lot of potential and i hope to see your business only grows.

Review of Anjelika Dolgireva

Dear Valeria, thank you very much for our daughter's Birthday party with Bubble show and Pirate treasure hunt. All kids enjoyed the interactive performance. We will definitely recommend you to our friends and invite you next year. Absolutely amazing!

Review of Tatiana Repina Mavrina

Yesterday we had a wonderful evening with Magic Art Studio … To say that it was fun, to say nothing … Everyone is happy and today we remember and plan to implement it on our birthday … Thanks to Valeria for such a miracle and joy for our family … Again, waiting for our meeting … And thank you for the balloon surprise ❤

Review of Maria Protodyakonova

Thank you so much for the wonderful show! The kids, as well as the adults (!) were amazed by your show and all asked to get your contacts for their events in the future. Not counting, of course, the birthday boy who, I'm afraid, will always expect his birthdays to be this much fun! Thanks so much!

Review of Ekaterina Gillingham

Thank You very much, Valeria and Irina for the Bubble Show for the Kolobok Daycare Christmas Party! It was a real miracle! Kids loved it!

Review of Tatiana Shepelitscity

Thank you so much Valeria for the amazing bubble show, it was spectacular! The kids had a blast!!! Loved and enjoyed every moment!!!

Questions and Answers

  • How long is the Magic Bubble Show?
    For kids 5 years and older the show usually lasts for 45-60 minutes. This includes putting kids inside a huge soap bubble at the end of the performance. For little ones the program is shorter – up to 45 minutes, as they cannot concentrate for a long time.
  • Where would the Magic Bubble Show better to have?
    Please remember this is indoor performance!

    Any inside area is good: home, play-room, indoor playground or community hall, We create a performance area that is 9' wide and 6' deep to separate myself from the audience. Kids will sit on the chairs or other furnishings or on the floor around my scene.

    But there are a few conditions required:
    – If you are making your party at home, please organize open space — free off toys and other stuff, and free off electronic devices. Remember it is your responsibility to provide the clear space for performance.
    – If you have air-conditioner or fan in the performance area – it needs to be turned off temporally.
  • Will my floor get wet during The Bubble Show?
    We bring special waterproof carpets to protect your floor. I try to make and pop all the bubbles in the protected area.
    Our bubble solution does not contain any organic ingredient that could grow bacteria, smell or stain. We clean the area after ourselves.
    If you have something that needs protection close to performance area (electronic devices or fancy furniture) , please remove it or try to cover it with cloth!
  • Can The Magic Bubble Show be presented outdoors?
    The Magic Bubble Show must be presented indoors, it contains a lot of bubble tricks that cannot be made outside.
    Putting people inside a giant soap also is not possible outdoors because of wind or breeze.
    For outdoor activity we're offering you to take Outside Bubble Play.
  • Will the Magic Bubble Show be interesting for adults?
    Yes. We have a different program for adults – “Magic Mirror”
    We also offer a show for the weddings.
  • How much time do you need for set up?
    We come to your place at least 30 minutes before the performance time.

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Travel inside Edmonton area is included and extra fee for transportation, if your location is out of Edmonton.
All prices are subject to 5% GST.

Deposit is required upon booking. Remaining amount is due on the day of the party. Deposit is non-refundable and cannot be returned if the event is cancelled by the client less than 2 weeks in advance. In case of illness or emergency we will do our best to accommodate your booking at another more convenient time, if necessary (within 60 days of your original party date).

Please be advised that we assume no responsibility or liability to accidents or damages caused during your party to your guests or your property. We are not responsible for children. Adult presence is required at all times.
Your party hostess/entertainer will work to ensure that your home and guests are treated with care; however, liability will lie strictly with the client.